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Installed in 150,000+ buildings

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270 pubs

15.0% savings

Coleg Gwent campus

26 buildings

13.6% savings

Pastoral Healthcare

Multiple sites

15.6% Savings

Cardiff Metro. Univ.

Complete facility

16.5% Savings

Global Bank

488 branches, 22 offices

13.0% savings

Singleton Hospital Day

Surgery Unit

18.6% savings

Boarding school

Complete facility

13.7% savings

Airport Scotland

Air traffic control

16.4% savings

Rhondda County

200+ Sites

15.0% savings

University of St Andrew

Complete facility

14.9% savings

Stowe School

Swimming pool air handling unit

21.9% savings

Harris Museum

Complete facility

14.1% savings

Univ. of Northampton

Complete facility

14.9% savings

University of Surry

Complete facility

11.9% savings

The Victorian Apartments

Complete facility

21.3% savings

Whitbread PLC

400+ Sites

13.9% savings


Discover the Impact EndoTherm Has Made According to Our Valued Customers!

“RCTCBC have tried a few test cases looking at EndoTherm.
We added EndoTherm into a variety of commercial and domestic buildings with no other changes. We have discovered that radiators reported as hotter (from people unaware of what we have done) and a reduction in consumption between 12-28%. Based on our positive results, we decided to roll-out EndoTherm across our estate.”

Energy Manager

Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council

Cllr Chris McFarling, portfolio holder for the Climate Emergency said: “This is one simple, effective change which has resulted in an immediate effect in lowering our emissions. In line with the energy hierarchy the council is working to reduce energy demand through behaviour change and improve the efficiency of heating systems through trials such as this. In July 2020 the council also undertook a full energy audit of its office building to investigate further opportunities for energy efficiency measures. The next step is to source the remainder of our energy from low carbon and renewable sources.”

Chris McFarling

Forest of Dean

“The EndoTherm pilot has proven to reduce our energy consumption within the boarding house. As a result, we have reduced the amount of carbon generated to assist in our ambition to achieve ‘Net Zero’ and we have made cost savings against our annual energy spend. Our next step, is to rollout EndoTherm to all of our other wet heating systems.”

Energy Manager

Independent School

“The EndoTherm project certainly hasn’t disappointed, installation was extremely simple, after monitoring the performance for just over 1 year the saving averaged out at 13.6% on heating consumption which also related to a significant reduction in our carbon emissions.
Now being tested and CIBSE approved this has given us the confidence to recommend EndoTherm to other potential users.”

Director (Estates&Facilities)


“In April 2015 NATS Facility Management introduced EndoTherm and Glycol into its Prestwick Centre heating system. The results have been impressive, 16% reduction in energy and a CO2 reduction of 46 Tonnes.”

Facilities Team


“EndoTherm has been active in the heating systems of two of our smaller properties for approx 2 years. The gas savings realised have been in the order of 10-13.5%. The results are there to be seen.
When circumstances allow, this product will also be installed into the main site heating system. Everyone connected with the company has been friendly, professional and helpful at all times and a pleasure to deal with.”

Estates Officer, Energy & Special Projects

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

“Another success for the product EndoTherm!”

Energy Manager

Chesterfield NHS Foundation Trust

EndoTherm is independently tested by several institutions

Enertek International are a renowned R&D company providing independent and cutting edge test facilities to the gas, oil, renewable and electrical appliance industries.The EndoTherm solution was tested in a controlled gas fired central heating system at the Enertek International Research Establishment during December 2013.

EndoTherm achieved a 19.2% improvement in heating during experiments. Testing also showed EndoTherm liberated this thermal energy much quicker through an improvement in heat transfer.

The recorded gas consumption from tests was compared and results showed that systems dosed with EndoTherm consumed 10.4% less gas than systems containing only water.

A report was conducted by a study at Aston University to explore the potential benefit of adding EndoTherm to their campus buildings. A modelling simulation showed a 10.62% energy saving due to the improved responsiveness of the heating system.


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