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Research has shown that EndoTherm remains stable and is able to sustain at a functional concentration within a closed heating system circuit for 10+ years provided no significant fluid loss (and subsequent refilling causing EndoTherm dilution) has occurred due to leaks or maintenance.

EndoTherm compliments inhibitor products. This applies to systems already dosed with an inhibitor and systems where an inhibitor is introduced after EndoTherm has been installed. EndoTherm has some inhibitor properties itself and functions alongside inhibitors without issue.

EndoTherm complies with VDI 2035, to which DIN 12828 refers. For Austria, ÖNORM H 5195-1 and for Switzerland SWKI BT 102-01.

A professional can fill EndoTherm into the heating system within 15 minutes. We calculate a maximum of 1 hour with a short discussion, filling and documentation.

Filling takes place during operation. The heating system is not switched off for this purpose.

Yes, EndoTherm can be used in any type of heating system that uses water. It doesn’t matter whether you use an oil, gas or pellet heating system, district heating or a heat pump.

No, reputable heating manufacturers have confirmed that adding EndoTherm does not affect their warranty. There is also a declaration of conformity from the manufacturer for EndoTherm. At the recommended dosage, EndoTherm has no negative influence on the conformity of the heating water according to VDI 2035 accreditation and therefore not on the warranty of the heating system.

EndoTherm’s savings of up to 15% have been confirmed in laboratory tests by Enertek International. The UK’s Energy Saving Trust also supports these savings and many case studies worldwide prove the effectiveness of EndoTherm. Some of these case studies can be found in our reference section and we are happy to provide more if needed.

No, the product can be filled into existing heating systems without any problems, regardless of whether the system is new or has been in operation for some time.

Yes, the product has been proven to be both a suitable and effective energy saving solution in ground sourced heat pump (GSHP), water sourced heat pump (WSHP), air sourced heat pump (ASHP), and district heating applications.

Yes, the product has been proven to be both a suitable and effective energy saving solution in district heating applications.

Yes, we can facilitate a pilot at one of your buildings where you can see the impact of EndoTherm analytically proven. Please contact us for more information.