Cardiff Metropolitan University 16,5%

The performance of EndoTherm was piloted by Cardiff Metropolitan University at the Llandaff N Block building.

The site hosts art studios, media courses, offices and teaching rooms with heating provided by three 115kW boilers. EndoTherm was installed in September 2017.

As the Llandaff N Block building is multi-use each facility within the building may have different operating hours and occupancy patterns. Balancing heating schedules to match the occupancy of each space can be complex and may lead to excess energy consumption. EndoTherm will help by reducing consumption on all heating energy used.

In only 6 months of using EndoTherm, the Llandaff N Block building at Cardiff Metropolitan University saved 7.774 Kg of CO₂e.

This carbon reduction is equivalent to:

Greenhouse gas emissions

  • 1,7 average petrol fuelled passenger vehicles driven for 1 year
  • 32.073 km driven by an average petrol fuelled passenger vehicle

Carbon sequestered by

  • 37.637 m2 of forest in one year

“In my line of work I am approached by many companies with energy saving technologies and I was naturally sceptical when approached regarding EndoTherm.“

However, with the evidence of savings provided including several case studies from neighbouring Welsh public bodies, a detailed breakdown of how the product works together with a low risk capital outlay, I decided to run a pilot on one of my smaller units.

After six months the case study is showing a saving of 16.48% and has already paid back our initial investment. We are now looking at rolling the product out across other buildings within our University estate.”

Energy and Environment Engineer Cardiff Metropolitan University