The team behind EndoTherm have joined forces with the international award programme Eco-Schools and signed up as an Energy Partner to help schools become more energy efficient, saving money and the environment.

Eco-Schools is a global initiative engaging millions of children across 64 different countries, making it the largest schools programme in the world. For more than 20 years Eco-Schools has been empowering children to drive change and improve their environmental awareness through the same simple seven-step process that has been used successfully across the world.

The Problem

Heating is the largest utility cost in the majority of schools. On average a school spends £44 per pupil on heating in a single calendar year which accounts for around 60% of its total utility outlay. As the largest utility cost, it is also has the biggest potential to be reduced and to save school money whilst helping the UK achieve its ambitious carbon reduction targets.

Common practice to reduce heating bills is to turn down your thermostat but this is not practical in an education environment as schools have to adhere to the minimum classroom temperature requirements set by the Education Regulations for School Premises.