University of Surry 11.9%

The performance of EndoTherm was piloted within the Twyford Court halls of residence by the University of Surrey.

The Twyford Court block C is one of nine that make up the complex. Each block is identical and has 36 bedrooms and 3 kitchens over three floors. Each block also features two boilers, one with an output of 67.6kW and the second with an output of 46.4kW.

Three blocks, of the nine available, were selected for analysis due to consistent usage. Installation of EndoTherm was carried out on one of the blocks (Court C), and the other two blocks (Courts E and D) were left unchanged for comparison.

During the comparative period, the two control sites (Courts E and D) showed a 4.8% (Court E) and 0.3% (Court D) increase in compensated usage between the two time periods.

The EndoTherm treated block (Court C) showed an 11.9% reduction in gas consumption during the same period.